Hire for performance,
not pedigree

Discover higher-quality candidates, diversify your teams, and eliminate the need for expensive technical interviews with our puzzle-based skills assessment.

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How Enigma Hiring works
01 - Build
Use our puzzle library to easily build an assessment that tests for the specific skills candidates will need to succeed in their role.
How Enigma Hiring works
02 - Send
Candidates solve each puzzle and explain how they arrived at their answer through a short free-response explanation.
How Enigma Hiring works
03 - Review
Enigma's team of experts grade each assessment and provides you with the results so you can easily advance top performers.

Why Enigma Hiring?

Find the best talent

Resumes don’t demonstrate how candidates think through problems. Evaluate applicants using real-world scenarios and advance only top performers.

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Diversify your team

Women and people of color are still underrepresented across cyber and IT industries. Reduce hiring bias by evaluating based on skills, not what’s on paper.

Cut interview cycles in half

Many interviews waste time because candidates aren’t qualified. Eliminate expensive technical interviews by starting with an unbiased assessment.

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What our customers say

Steve Zalewski, former CISO at Levi Strauss & Co.
Enigma captured my imagination as the first company truly working to address the shortage of security talent with software by looking at the innate aptitude of potential candidates. This solution will open the floodgates to identify people that have the ability to fill security roles, but may lack formal training, addressing gaps in both the need for talent and the efficiency of the hiring process.
Head of Threat Intelligence, F500 Financial Institution
Enigma allowed us to cut our interview process down by over 50%. We've been able to reduce the number of hours our security engineering and threat teams need to spend on interviews, while surfacing the strongest candidates in our pipeline.
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