Level up your teams

Make data-informed decisions around workforce planning with our puzzle-based cybersecurity skills training and assessment platform. 

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How Enigma Pulse works
01 - Send assessments to employees
Select or create assessments based on the skills that an individual needs or is working to improve in their role.
How Enigma Pulse works
02 - Employees complete assessments
Capture technical expertise and critical thinking by having employees explain how they got an answer.
How Enigma Pulse works
03 - Analyze data to make decisions
Interpret metrics easily to make organizational decisions based on skill data across your team and organization.

Why Enigma Pulse?

Uncover your team’s hidden talents

Cyber resilience starts with your team. Pinpoint areas where your cybersecurity team excels and identify where skill gaps exist that require additional hiring or training. 

Streamline workforce planning

Full transparency into your cyber team’s skill set is imperative to make headcount and succession planning decisions.  Make complicated decisions more confidently with data-driven metrics.

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Improve employee retention

Organizations often struggle to retain qualified cybersecurity professionals. Identify existing talent that is ready to move into a new or expanded role and provide customized training to advance their skills. 

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What our customers say

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